ergo proxy

Mh, I’ve watched the last film I must see for the Thursday exam. English comedies, I didn’t really enjoy them.

Yesterday I listened to this song, more and more. Yoko Kanno, I like her, and she’s able to convey a sensation, strange sensation, that I cannot describe, but it reminds me of other Japanese products. Damn, I want a noun for “to move”, give me the fucking proper word. My idea of the Japanese culture, that comes for the most from movies and comics, shows a culture that’s in a strange way intimately connected to the world. It makes me feel like a thick-headed stupid western person, who’s not good at world comprehension, deaf, blind, a body that lives but is not conscious of itself. A body that runs over the path, and that doesn’t know the path itself.
I fear I’m going to resume my interest for that culture – sooner or later, sooner or later I’ll have some free time, and maybe I’m glancing at the Japanese culture because it whispers that it can teach me something about the time that runs out.

Right, now I’m going to watch some episodes of Ergo Proxy. I’ve started watching it months ago, it’s time to bring it to an end.

Ergo Proxy

Ringraziamo Ula per averci segnalato questa serie del 2006, degnissima di attenzione.

(Kiri, dei Monoral)

Episode 1

(Paranoid Android, dei Radiohead)

La sceneggiatura è di Dai Sato (Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, etc etc…). La regia di Shukou Murase (Samurai Champloo, Witch Hunter ROBIN, Gasaraki, etc etc…), e dio quanto si vede nei combattimenti (*sbav*). Character Design di Naouyuki Onda (che io conosco ma non mi ricordo dove ho già visto).

Idealmente tra l’Appleseed (meno) di Masamune Shirow [l’autore di Ghost in the shell, NdSna] e il Blade Runner (più) di Ridley Scott, Ergo Proxy è il progetto più ambizioso di questo inverno che vede tornare un colosso come la Geneon Enterteinment USA a produrre una serie del giovane studio Manglobe.
(Per la recensione completa e immagini andate qui.)