Ronald McDonald.

Ho finito Gioco della rosa.
(Momento di silenzio, por favor).
Ora si entrerebbe in quella fase a cui tipicamente anelo quando un romanzo inizio a scriverlo. Dopo aver battuto a PC le pagine che mi mancano, comincerò a correggere e sistemare e migliorare.
Poi verrà la feticistica deliziosa fase dell’impostazione grafica. La grafica di Gioco della rosa invero esiste già, devo solo applicarla. Devo procedere con la suddivisione in fasi – colpa, supplizio, punizione, disciplina – e poi probabilmente ammorbarvi con gif animate.
Vorrei avere più tempo da dedicare a questa fase celebrativa, ma al momento non ho neanche quello di trascrivere i capitoli mancanti. Sigh.

Ho finito anche di leggere JPod, con immane tristezza. L’ho amato. Dovreste farlo anche voi.

I asked Kaitlin about irony, and it turns out that only twenty percent of human beings have a sense of irony–which means that eighty percent of the world takes everything at face value. I can’t imagine anything worse than that. Okay, maybe I can, but imagine reading the morning newspaper and believing it all to be true on some level..

Convivo con una lingua da diligente fumatore di canne. Presente? Secca, fastidiosa in bocca.
"Può anche annerirsi." ha detto Mater, e ha spiegato che uno dei principi della DA è che il grasso si espelle tramite urine e urina. Ditelo: "Che schifo." Ma non è questo il punto. Il tutto dipende da certi batteri che con il mutamento del metabolismo prendono il sopravvento, pare. Ditelo di nuovo: "Che schifo."
Ma io sono andata oltre.
Io ho visto in sogno una futura razza nata da modifiche causate da questa dieta in un lento processo ambiguo alla Stephen King. Si comincia dimagrendo, poi il corpo si prosciuga, lingua compresa. La pelle diventa sempre più liscia finché non si fa lucente come marmo e i capelli diventano onde metalliche, mentre le persone mutanti si dicono inquietamente sempre più felici e new-ageamente in pace con il loro animo. Mangiano sempre di più i cibi previsti dalla DA (perché, ricordate, il principio di questo regime alimentare – sia la fase dimagrante o quella a vita – è che puoi mangiare tutta la quantità di mono-cibo che vuoi) sino ad arrivare a soglie di 6-7 chili di zucchine a pranzo e non ingrassano. Esperimenti del governo (quale?) non riescono a spiegare dove vada tutto quel cibo, finché non si scopre che si trasforma in DNA mutante che va a sostituire quello umano. Per farsi accettare dalla società si organizzeranno in una setta segreta e fonderanno una casa di moda propagandando segretamente al contempo una nuova visione del mondo che prevede l’inferiorità di tutti coloro che per essere magri e belli devono mangiare meno e fare trattamenti in centri estetici. Il prezzo delle zucchine e tutti gli altri mono-cibi previsti salirà alle stelle, racchiudendo in una lobby gli Eletti, mentre voi miseri mortali cercherete di sopravvivere mangiando barrette dietetiche e panini di McDonald’s. Nelle baraccopoli che si formeranno in questa catara società futura verranno aperte delle discariche apposite per vomitare: i comuni mortali andranno lì per rimettere i BigTasty ingeriti, aiutandosi l’un l’altro in commoventi scene in cui il padre infila le dita in bocca alla figlia. Essere grassi diventerà illegale, pena la morte, e la carne umana verrà inserita all’interno dei mono-cibi concessi dalla DA. In questo scenario apocalittico Ronald McDonald fonderà il Fronte di Liberazione della Salsa BBQ e ingaggerà una crociata per sconfiggere i mutanti al potere.

Voglio leggere un altro libro di Coupland. Potete farlo anche voi senza dovervi sbattere eccessivamente: su è in sconto al 50%, tradotto. Non so come sia tradotto, né come sia traducibile, ma tutto è possibile.

What’s your follow-up strategy to increase sales and profits? Honestly, if you haven’t joined a local Kiwanis-type organization, then do it right now. Most of the business decisions in your city are made by older guys who eat mediocre chicken dinners in hotel ballrooms and then go off and have naked whipped cream go-kart rides. It doesn’t matter how savvy your proposal is, if the guys in the fezzes have chosen Murray to take over the lease to that office space you were eyeing, then you’re totally fucked and Murray will get the lease. One person’s testimonial: "Requests for my services went up by 300% as a result of working with Ken, because he’s way better-looking than the earnest blank before him, Ron. We fired Ron under the pretext of catching him swiping Post-it notes and bond paper from the storeroom, but really it was because he was boring, didn’t like golf, and Tracy at the front desk thought he was, quote, ‘Kind of pervy.’" If you’re trying to stay more focused on what you do, then simply do what most genuinely successful people do, which is take Ritalin. Most people think Ritalin is a kiddy drug, but what it actually does is allow you to stay focused and stop your mind from wandering. Hi, I’m Denise from HR. This morning I crumpled upa piece of paper and then I held it in the palm of my right hand and I looked at it and I thought, "Denise, this is your life. This is as good as it gets." Hi, I’m Jeremy. I’m that high-energy new guy they stole from Rem tech across the Parkway. I’m young, smart,good-looking and I’m using ever-escalating amounts of crystal meth to make me seem more alive than you. I’ll either end up winning everything or be found holding up a cardboard sign and talking to myself at the Exit 23 off-ramp. Hi, I’m Rick and I hate everything in the world because I lost everything I owned in the tech bubble in the late1990s. I really thought I’d be on a beach right now. Instead, I piss in the men’s room urinal and have to listen to Jim in the stall beside me flip through the sports pages. It’s all he does. I don’t know how he gets away with it. He’s there for two hours a day. Please turn off all cellphones and personal computer systems. Engineers aren’t funny or cute or nerdy. They’re damaged. Outside of videogames, how many games do you play by yourself? Here’s a question: did people in the past masturbate more than they do now–or is self-pleasuring a biological constant? A wicked CPU can never replace the artificial intelligence provided by human beings–or can it? Just in case you were in doubt, other people can secretly tell everything about the way you feel. Hi. I’m a definitive gridiron videogame experience! Hi. I’m an expansion pack. Hi. Let me tell you, I would have never played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas had I known that it harboured pornographic content or comely sluts who tempt you. What’s this? Another year, another fifty dollars? Is it really worth it? You know, when you dream at night, your brain doesn’t use your eyes to see. When you play videogames, your brain plays sports without using your body. Does this make you feel free, or does this make you feel like a prisoner of your meat? That buzz you’re always hearing is everybody having sex. Dungeon master. Pimp. Prince. Crack ho. Why do games always want good to triumph over evil? Sometimes it’s good training to fight for the dark side. If you’re trying to quit drugs, who do you seek out, an ex-addict or Ned Flanders? You know what? When you read a book, you’re totally lost in your own private world, and society says that’s a good and wonderful thing.But if you play a game by yourself, it’s this weird, fucked-up, socially damaging activity. What sort of narrow-minded or on propagates this lie? When your grandfather plays solitaire, is he isolate in himself? Get a grip, people. Amateur. Anal. Asians. Babes. Big clits. Big cocks. Big tits. Blacks. Nothing I feel is real. Gaming isn’t storytelling. Don’t be so sentimental. Gaming is about killing your prey. It’s about you killing me, or us killing them. All online activity is monitored. Attempts to bypass security are grounds for legal action. I look forward to a day when everybody who lives in sweatshop equatorial nations has the disposable income to choose from the fine array of games and gaming systems our society creates. Lock and load! The differences between you and the others are almost non-existent. The human body is one of the sickest and most foul things we can possibly view. I think that people who savour looking at nude bodies are pervs and molesters–we ought to lock them away and chuck the key. I love touching a game–you know what I mean? When your reptile brain and your CPU become one.



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