… Intendo, sto scrivendo, fiction, in queste sere. Credo sinceramente sia colpa della Montblanc. 104 anni di marketing serviranno pure a qualcosa. E poi, è tedesca.

"Ho appena scoperto quanto costa questa Montblanc e continuo a non capire il senso di una penna stilografica così costosa."
"È lo status, come i diamanti."
"C’è anche con diamanti."
"Quello è lo status dello status."

The diamonds set on every Montblanc jewel-encrusted product have been purchased by Montblanc from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflicts and in compliance with the United Nations Resolutions / the Kimberly Process certification system (System of Warranties). Montblanc hereby guarantees that these diamonds are conflict free, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds.

Amo quella personal knowledge, per non parlare delle guarantees provided by the supplier, che è un raffinato “Mio cugino mi ha detto che”.
Ma comunque.
Ho scritto tanto. Cerco sfoghi. Vedete, è difficile non pensare mentre si scrive un paper, e io necessito il non pensare. Odio speculare, e tendo a farlo. È stato l’odio per il pensare a rendermi più morbida nel mio seguire la DA (Dieta Alternativa), perché mi faceva pensare troppo, nello specifico che il cibo che avrei dovuto mangiare per il prossimo pasto mi causava conati di vomito. Poi capitava di pensare a cibi a cui non pensavo da eoni, totalmente scollegati tra loro – un succo di frutta, gnocchi burro e salvia, una banana, un Berliner (che non ho mai particolarmente apprezzato) – e odio pensare al cibo. Amo il mio rapporto funzionale con il nutrimento, anche se poi mi fa riempire la dispensa di cibo in scatola da scaldare. Pensare al cibo è uncool. È volgare. E la mia mente trova sempre ottime spiegazioni quando vuole sottrarsi a un regime.
Comunque, ho battuto il mio record, riuscendo a seguire una dieta per ben 9 giorni. 9 giorni. E, vedete, non importa che tipo di dieta sia. Da piccola avevo programmato una dieta ingrassante, ma era durata comunque due giorni. 9 giorni mi paiono adatti, come la caduta di Lucifero o il tempo per cui Odino è rimasto appeso a testa in giù per conoscere i segreti delle rune.

Sulla parete è stato appeso anche Jan di Leida, sebbene in formato ritratto stampato e non di persona. Avrei voluto portare come souvenir da Münster una gabbia in miniatura, sarebbe stato sufficientemente kitsch e feticista alla cattolica, ma non ne vendevano.
Perché le gabbie hanno un significato speciale – non so quale, ma devono averlo, o non sarei così ossessionata con Münster e prigioni e folle inferocite che mi rincorrono.
Finirò con l’essere la tipica personalità paranoica, giusto per essere conforme allo Zeitgeist contemporaneo, ma lo sarò all’antica – perché avere un proprio carattere è importante, ve lo propagandano come vi propagandano le qualità nutritive degli omogeneizzati – nella maniera di un profeta eretico. Vi dirò che la Rete mi parla e mi dice cose che le parole non possono spiegarvi – ma le sentite anche voi, no? – risulterò folle nei talk-show portando l’espressione ieratica di chi è andato oltre e non può più tornare indietro, non in questa vita, e non si può sapere come sia quell’oltre più di quanto si possa sapere cosa c’è oltre la morte.
E sapete qual è la cosa peggiore?
Alcuni di voi mi seguiranno dicendo di capirmi.


  1. Translated to be able to understand and all I can say is that I fancy my silver plated CROSS ballpen. I have to admit that I don´t know whether the silver is not “blood silver”, but honestly I don´t give a shit, as I inherited this pen from an uncle of my mum, he died a few weeks before I was born. His name was P., too.

    1. Never heard about “blood silver”, but well, “it’s not my business”. Quite paradoxical that in struggling to understand the problems of some countries (blood diamonds’ countries) I end up being totally ignorant about gold and silver, isn’t it?
      I didn’t buy the fountain-pen. A friend of my Mom found it on a train (he found a bag – I don’t know him, and always wonder whether he found or stole it) and my Mom can’t use the Montblanc because every time she thinks it’s too valuable and that’s not hers.
      I was stressing the fact that Montblanc provides you a pre-cooked reassurance: “Don’t worry, customer, you’re not taking part in these conflicts”. The fact is that the phrase “guarantees provided by the supplier” doesn’t make any sense, because the supplier is De Beers or who else, and the problem was that people in Angola (typical example) killed their con-nationals to sell (I’m summarizing) De Beers diamonds, which therefore became De Beers diamonds and De Beers stated (and states): “De Beers is aware of the problem of conflict diamonds and has taken measures to guarantee that no conflict diamonds enter its supply chain or its jewellery.”
      It’s like saying: “I’m telling you you’re just because the Devil told me you’re just.”
      Nothing against De Beers – nothing against the Devil – I just find grotesque that people rely on such reassurances.

      Anyway, as I wrote, I’m too lazy to write always in English. I bet you can understand me, because as Marcel told me you suffer from the same disease which affects me: your mastery of your mother-tongue makes it hard for you to write in English as fluent as you write in German. But I can translate myself, so, if you get interested in sth I write, just ask. I have no idea how difficult it is to understand Italian, of course.

      1. “Yeah, I know that blood diamonds shit, I watched the effing movie.” And I read some articles in german magazines on it, I understood what you were up to – in fact, the english that big old Google makes of your italian is pretty readable (translating into german doesn´t work that well, I bet that they start with italian to english and then translate the result to german – at least that what it looks like). I simply had nothing to add besides what I actually wrote. Thanks for the further explanantions though, they were not that necessary – I appreciate that and will be glad to ask whenever I don’t understand something.
        I believe the devils at De Beers to be certainly quite nice fellows, who would never tell anything but the truth 😉 – Mont Blancs statement thus is simply pathetic, it doesn’t make one feel better, rather the opposite (I believe that´s what you´re saying 😉 )

        Regarding the alleged mastery of my mother tongue I am accused of, I have to object most vehemently (I can´ t judge your mastery as I can not speak/read/write ‘italiano’, but from the translations I’ve read I’d assume you are far closer than I am). I, who spend some time with great texts, partly great translations (e.g, JWG,FMD,MP) am totally sure that I am far away from mastery. I try to improve, though.

        So I do with my english, only one must not forget I am a lazy being.


        1. I wonder, if I from German to Italian translate tried, whether Google something Similar to this sentence write would.

          I would say “I’ll try to write in English on my LJ” but we share the same kind of laziness.
          Marcel told me you like to play with words and you don’t look like the kind of person who’s so fool that doesn’t understand that, if you try to change your mother-tongue and you don’t know it very well, you’ll end up being pathetic, therefore I concluded you should have been talented.
          The fact you use and abuse words such as “vehemently” corroborates my opinion. I don’t think “vehemently” it’s Umgangssprache in German, is it? Languages mirror what we we know.

          [(e.g, JWG,FMD,MP)]
          People say the German like to use abbreviation, and it can be, but unfortunately I have no idea what these mean.

        2. You´re fast! Sorry for my german ‘Aküfi’ (Abkürzungsfimmel). Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Marcel Proust. Guess who´s the third one. Hint: He ´s not german nor french. “vehemently”… Well, I´ll admit it: I may be educated. A little bit. Ok?

        3. Oh gosh, my comment doesn´t even touch the ‘blood silver’ – thinking of the spanish Conquistadores (and other colonists/invaders) there is most certainly something like ‘blood silver’ or ‘blood gold’. Let’s not forget the normal system of exploitation / slavery… The only difference I see is that diamonds are worth more at the same weight – which makes it easier to use them.
          And, to make it perfectly clear: Feel free to write in italian or any other language you like. As long as there is some translation machine available, so that I can read it, I am perfectly happy. I like guessing what a weird machine generated translation tries to express, btw. Be lazy if you want, I don´ t mind.

        4. I realized I did know something about “blood gold” and so on. I studied it for an exam (economics).

          You know why I worship De Beers? Because it states, referring to diamonds, “It’s just a rock”.

          I mistrust online translations. I fucking love my Italian, I’m sure they spoil it.

          Have you got a blog or something the like?

        5. I am sure that your italian is spoiled by translation. I try to put the bits together while reading, to make it sound like language, not like machine ordered words.

          I had a blog. Published lots of unfiltered, unfinished opinions. Then I became paranoid. I still have two “secret” places where I dump stuff when I have to. I like the idea of publishing without anybody knowing me reading it.

          A Domani.

        6. [I still have two “secret” places where I dump stuff when I have to. I like the idea of publishing without anybody knowing me reading it.]
          You know I’ll never understand this.
          Furthermore, it’s frustrating.

          … Bis morgen.


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