Pronti per i mondiali 2010?

Preparativi per i mondiali 2010:
Inno nazionale africano



"some of you people need to stop referring to die stem [inno fino al ’94, in inglese e afrikaans] as the best anthem and insstead follow in the footsteps of our rugby heroes and sing the whole anthem all languages"

"You can see that Die Stem is still most popular. Zulu is not South African. Afrikaner is even spoken by the real natives: Afrikaans-speaking Boeren en all Khoikhoi."

"Zulu is not South African!!!! I rarely swear but FUCK YOU YOU IGNORANT PIECE OF SHIT. I respect Afrikaaners but that comment is utter crap."

"This is coming from a South African so pay attention. To say that Zulu is not South African is a LIE. Zulu is the most commonly spoken language in SA, the Zulus arrived here 1000 years ago, that’s more than 600 the dutch. The only reason for Afrikaans being spoken amoungst muslims and cape coloureds(I am one by the way) is they were slaves to the Dutch. Plus the Khoisan hav their own language, they too were dutch slaves. Die Stem is always louder coz most rugby fans are white afrikaaners."

"Suid-Afrika vir elkeen. Ek’s een Muslim." ("Il Sud Africa è tutti noi. Sono un musulmano", scritto in afrikaans.)

"[…] Tweede , ek is siek van verdoem krimineel swart en donker mense wie noem hulself zoeloe en ruineer hierdie mooi en geliefde land van ons. …" ("… Secondo mi fa incazzare che dei […] criminali neri che si fanno chiamare zulu e […] nostra amata terra", scritto in afrikaans.)

"The best part in this song is from 1:15 to 1:35." (La parte in Afrikaans)

"what are you talking about? See 0:51. The white guy singing the Xhosa verse? Check out the other videos of the SA anthem at rugby games. The white crowd always sing all the parts."

"most white ppl dont sing the "nkosi sikeleli" part because they dont know it as well as Die stem. I mean, after all those years, where Die Stem was the official anthem, can u really blame them?"

"I hope those whites born after the 1990s will not offer this excuse."

"Who’s the black player who’s singing the Afrikaans part in an emotional way?"

"Ashwin Willemse"

"he’s Cape Coloured, so Afrikaans is probably his native tongue."

"Many Blacks and Muslims also have Afrikaans as their native tongue."

"i dont understand why crowd ppl just sing the Afrikaan and english part "

"because they are racist LOL! "

"Does anyone have an idea who sings the anthem here? It’s really, really beautiful and moving. Going to South Africa in less then 5 weeks.. :)"

"which one do you mean? I can count to three different anthems in this video.."

"Imagine if the United States had Navajo, Cherokee, Spanish, and English in our national anthem. People may think it was cool, but they would really only know by heart (for a few generations) the Spanish and English parts."

"except there are a lot more xhosa-speakers in South Africa than there are Indians in America these days."

... And united we shall stand!

… Tutto ciò non è stupendo? O il contrario?
Appena smetto di ridere mi metterò un po’ a piangere, per simpatizzare con tutti.



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