La Cité des enfants perdus

La Cité des enfants perdus. The City of Lost Children. Fucking sure this movie comes from a video game, not vice versa, but they made a video game inspired by the movie just soon after the movie, therefore I find no info about the first, original, my video game.
I clearly remember the times I’ve been trying to play it – trying because I couldn’t go further the second enigma – you know, when video games were for nerds (and brats who were wannabe nerds) and programmers failed to outguess users’ logics and therefore you ended up finding no ways to understand what the game was asking you to do.
But if I tried to go further, that was because of the ambience. Something magic, something disturbing. Angst. And desolation.
The movie recreated that ambience to all appearances, and I’m gonna watch it, but still I want to find info about my video game – it’s part of my childhood, damn, I entrusted part of my childish hopes and fears to that game, I want them back.

(I wrote in English because I’m tired of translating my thoughts every time I’m gonna write here but I happen to read/write/think in English. Be kind to this poor innocent lazy creature that chooses not to be pleasant and piles mistakes throughout a post, and then inflicts its wounded self-esteem on you.)


    1. Ho un problema col francese: quando lo capisco, è come se leggessi italiano, quindi non trovo la differenza. 😛 Magari se sapessi bene la fonetica potrei “sentirlo” in modo diverso, e non leggere direttamente la radice comune delle parole.

      Chi sei, tu oh essere che s’è dimenticato di loggarsi? 😛


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