Going to study International Law. Just came to an end with the German History book. I’ll summarize it, chatting with Capi, but the first step has been completed.

The cute boy called Ivy wrote:

Ivy: I’m going to kill you when i get back home in an hour or two.
Ð|ØSB|ØS: It’d be a pleasure, but I must study.
Ivy: Fuck that.
Ð|ØSB|ØS: I’d rather fuck you.

It’s love.

I spent this evening studying and reading stuff with deacissy. She had to learn numbers in German, and thanks to this I’m still thinking in German (auf Deutsch, yeah). I should study it and double Konjuktiv II, but I keep doing exercises correctly without understanding what I am doing. Annoying, isn’t it? Like the book were mocking me.

I’m still reading The Kindly Ones. It’s – like other books about the WWI and the WWII I read – an accurate account of someone’s life. A German soldier’s life, who writes everything happens to him in the supposed “German way”: accuracy and a beholder attitude. “Beholder” not as “bystander”, not exactly: the main character happens to be inside what’s happening, it’s part of the device and cooperate with it. He acts, and therefore stares at his actions. Gemini attitudine – I’ve no choice, I do feel empathy, and I suppose empathy is what the writer wanted to call forth.
The main character presents himself as a “common man”, and the fact that in English “common sense” is:
… the basic level of practical knowledge and judgment that we all need to help us live in a reasonable and safe way…
… Makes me think about the way we use words.

I asked Dea to photocopy the phonetics chapter of her French book.


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