Ways of.

Wie müde…
I should avoid writing in English when I’ve just stopped studying German. Anyway…
Thanks to eredhikr I’m listening to Ute Lemper.

And to her version of Lili Marleen, of course.

Vor der Kaserne
Vor dem großen Tor
Stand eine Laterne
Und steht sie noch davor…

I’m studying German prepositions. Not so enjoyable. Kapuściński says (said, r.i.p.) you may understand a culture only if you understand its language. Herder said a culture is its language. I partly agree, but above all I’m in a hurry: there are people who are still living but they’re so old they’re going to die, and before they’ll do, I want to ask them just some questions – and I have to speak German, if I want to understand what they’ll answer.
Erhard Gührs, for example, is quite interesting. He wrote the preface of the major book about Peiper. How old is he? He was younger than Peiper. Today Peiper would be… 93 years old. Mr Pumpkin has written a book about Peiper but he doesn’t speak German – that means he knew Gührs wasn’t dead some years ago, but he can’t do any research about him.
Mr Pumpkin has faith in me. I’m interested but I’m not him, and I’m not from Boves – that means I could have copy of these documentation. He can’t. The organization represents Partisans, he wrote (and thinks) Boves Partisans were just a bunch of dickheads, the organization doesn’t want him to have those documents.
Why an Italian trial, since Peiper isn’t Italian? Why an Italian Trial started in 1964, since Peiper hadn’t been in Italy since WWII? Because before the Malmedy Trial he hadn’t been sentenced neither to death nor to life sentence, I suppose. The Malmedy Trial commission had been judged wrong – castrated prisoners, perjuries, fake proofs and so on – and who hadn’t been already killed got out. (It’s not so simple, but let me summarize.)
I want that documentation.
It’s probably useless – I was in Boves when Peiper was there and he was very bad, yeah, because when he’s gone away Boves had lots of corpses – but I’m curious.

I promised to myself I wouldn’t have spent too much time studying WWII and I won’t, and in fact I’m not studying what happened, but the way what happened has been “translated” into historical information. If every war had been “translated” like WWII, history would be fake – and sometimes I think so.

(Ja, florachan, ich werde hier schreiben. :P)



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