Die Welle.

2008. Film: Die Welle (Deutsch).

1981. Book: The Wave.
The setting of The Wave is Palo Alto, California, 1969. The plot revolves around the high school’s history teacher Mr. Ben Ross who cannot answer the question of why the Germans became Nazis and followed the dictator Hitler acting in a manner inconsistent with their own pre-existing moral values. The only way he can see to answer the question is to start an experiment that shows the students what it may have been like in living in Nazi Germany.

1981. Film: The Wave (American).

The Third Wave was an experimental demonstration of nazism movement undertaken by history teacher Ron Jones with sophomore high school students attending his Contemporary History class as part of a study of Nazi Germany. The experiment took place at Cubberley High School in Palo Alto, California, during first week of April 1967.


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